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uSupervisor: “state of the art supervision and monitoring”

Contact centre reports and analysis offer managers and business decision-makers the information and management tools needed to monitor and analyse the performance of the contact centre operations.

Altitude Software provides a unified reporting and management solution that supports a manager's ability to respond to immediate needs, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the contact centre.

Altitude uSupervisor is a state-of-the-art supervision and management tool that manages, monitors, and allows real-time, as well as historical, reporting of multimedia customer interactions. Altitude uSupervisor makes superior service a reality by giving organisations the power to manage all the customer interactions - voice, email, Web collaboration and Web chat, fax, SMS, Voice Over IP (VOIP), and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

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Altitude uSupervisor also allows organisations to comprehensively set up and manage the information related to the contact centre. Altitude uSupervisor provides an integrated queue for agents to handle all interactions and defines needs to prioritise interactions based on their value. Altitude uSupervisor can be used to access several sites or contact centres simultaneously in different locations. Using Altitude uSupervisor, we, at dial, can create and configure campaigns, switch gateways, skill profiles, alarms, agents, teams, contacts, schedules, calendars and dial rules.

One of the major challenges for the contact centre is real time monitoring. Real time monitoring allows supervisors to make performance decisions and system administrators to define the execution of automatic operations Altitude uSupervisor has several types of real time information, such as plot graphs, bar charts, evolution graphs, pie charts, and plain displays. Real time information can also be seen in the form of alarms or can trigger automatic operations, allowing the supervisor to make changes on the fly.