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Predictive Dialler

Predictive dialling frees agents from waiting during the dialling and ringing process. Predictive dialling typically places several calls per agent, expecting some calls to fail. Predictive dialling predicts when agents will be available. Then, predictive dialling decides how many calls to make based on the success probability and the time for the contact to answer. Probabilities are continually updated for optimal performance.

Using Altitude’s advanced predictive dialler, we are able to maximise the probability of a positive contact working in a predictive campaign. The predictive dialler predicts when agents will be available based on the following:

  • The position of agents in the business application
  • The past behaviour of agents in similar situations.
  • The dialler then predicts how many calls to place, taking into account the expected delivery time and success rate of calls. The pacing mode ‘Predictive automatic’ is controlled by the following:
  • Requested retention
  • Requested nuisance ratio
  • Requested service level