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British Gas - Outbound Satisfaction Campaign

British Gas is a leading supplier and trusted brand in the marketplace for utility suppliers.

As an extension of their field-based sales campaign, British Gas monitors levels of customer satisfaction as part of a customer retention strategy in the long term. dial were brought in to support this function on their behalf.

dial completed calls to households where a recent British Gas service visit had taken place. In each case a market research style questionnaire was conducted over the phone to obtain information relating to the perceived level of customer service received by these customers. This ensured that standards of service were measured and consistent with British Gas service objectives.

dial provided a team of experienced customer service advisors who were trained in British Gas processes, ethos and working practices. Stringent quality and escalation procedures ensured that the customer experience was very positive and close liaison with the in-house British Gas team maintained the consistency of the approach.

The effective combination of training and motivation were key elements to the success of this project. Critical to servicing the needs of British Gas Gold customers is that agents are trained to deal with all aspects of the British Gas service proposition, creating a true extension of the British Gas business. Through close monitoring of the service, a consistent level of customer calls were ensured and all issues were highlighted to the British Gas team for mentoring and coaching purposes. Finally, individual agent performance was targeted ensuring focus on quality and quantity.

dial continually provide us with a window into the world of the customer. British Gas strive to improve the customer experience at every opportunity and with the committed efforts of the team at dial, this is made possible”

British Gas

Customer Experience Manger