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British Gas - Win Back Acquisition Campaign

British Gas is a leading supplier and trusted brand in the marketplace for utility suppliers.

dial were selected to provide a customer Winback acquisition programme. The programme had two business objectives, the first to re-acquire customers who had switched to an alternative supplier and the second to see growth and retain existing gas customers by supplying them with other services.

dial engaged to provide a seamless extension to the British Gas in-house operation to ensure the highest possible quality of call handling. To achieve the objectives set by British Gas, the dial team understood that the additional elements of following emergency procedures and giving correct advice to customer queries would be a requirement through this programme.

dial carefully selected a team of dedicated agents with strong sales skills and right personalities who received intensive product and sales training to achieve the quality of results required, dial worked hard to ensure that the customer service culture of British Gas was mirrored in the operation. The seamless representation of the brand was achieved through stringent quality measures and a close working relationship with British Gas.

To ensure optimum effectiveness on this campaign dial utilised predictive dialler technology to maximise efficiency. dial also provided a direct system link to British Gas in order to calculate customer spend for comparison and to speed up order processing.

Tight controls, effective scripting, performance management and motivation techniques all played a key part in the delivery of the programme. The team were successful at achieving sales conversion targets and the customer service response targets associated with this programme.

The British Gas Account Manager, was extremely satisfied with the results delivered by dial:

“The decision to increase the core team using an outsourcing company was not taken lightly, but we were impressed with the dial approach. They worked hard to understand our current working processes, not just for customer acquisition but also for the service and emergencies. They produce consistently high results and we enjoy working closely with the team.”